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It Begins!

(It hasn't begun...)

This is my first post, but I don't leave for another 38 days yet (29th December).

Still so much to prepare, so much to buy. So much that will no doubt go wrong!

Having never been travelling before, and only ever having gone on holidays with friends and family, I'm not quite sure what to expect. I've pretty much tried to find a balance between planning things beforehand -- as I know I'd be gutted to arrive somewhere and be unable to do something amazing just because of the lack of foresight to book it ahead of time -- and just winging it and going with the flow. Naturally, I've probably made a disaster of both. Hopefully it won't all turn out poorly.

But in 38 days a lot of things can go wrong (or right!)

Here's some pictures of me being in other places that aren't the Isle of Man. They're not very interesting (I'm asleep in the first, and probably in a bad mood!) but at least they're of being on holiday, so that's sort of in-theme!

DSC_0269.jpg 90_DSC_0536.jpg
IMG_0022.jpg DSC_0197.jpg

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