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A Homecoming! 24.06.2016
Galápagos 27.05.2016
Another Brick In The Wall 22.05.2016
Tribes and Tribulations 13.05.2016
Amazoning Again 07.05.2016
The Amazon: ala Douglas Adams, just don't get bit... 29.04.2016
Mancora was hot 21.04.2016
Machu freaking Picchu 14.04.2016
Peru At Last 08.04.2016
The End of the World has never looked so good 01.04.2016
I Survived Venezuela And All You Got Was This Stupid Blog! 17.03.2016
Panamaniacs! 17.03.2016
Under The Sea 04.03.2016
Belize: Obey Baz Luhrmann 20.02.2016
The Wild West 07.02.2016
Freedom Isn't Free, It Takes Folks Like You And Me! 19.01.2016
From Canada to New York 06.01.2016
And Here We Go 29.12.2015
The Next Three Days 26.12.2015
Less than a month! (Grrr! Arggh!) 02.12.2015
It Begins! 21.11.2015